Tuesday, January 30, 2018

If My People

if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

America past history shows a nation that was low in crime, businesses that prospered and the only problem, we had with school children, was talking in class and chewing gum. However, there has been a swift in our history since 1962. Now, we see a rise in crime, not only in the streets, but also in our schools. We will look at what made the difference, and what we need to do to return to the low crime rate we had in the past.

1. We were One Nation Under God.

The signers of The Declaration Of Independence, were men who held Christian morals. The signers were members of their denominations that were higher than the normal rate of the 1700's. Here are a few quotes of the Founding Fathers. It is impossible to list them all here.

You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.” George Washington, 1st President of The United States

Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this region be!” John Adams, signer of The Declaration Of Independence and 2nd President Of The United States

[C]hrist Jesus – the promise of old made unto the fathers, the hope of Israel [Acts 28:20], the light of the world [John 8:12], and the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth [Romans 10:4] – is the only Savior of sinners, in opposition to all false religions and every uninstituted rite; as He Himself says (John 14:6): “I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.”136[N]o man, whatever be his character or whatever be his hope, shall enter into rest unless he be reconciled to God though Jesus Christ.137[T]here is no salvation in any other than in Jesus Christ of Nazareth” John Witherspoon, Signer of The Declaration Of Independence

2. The Moral Decline In America

When our country based our morals on the Bible, we had a very low crime rate. That changed in 1962, when prayer and the Bible was no longer allowed in schools. Before 1962 the students were taught the Bible. The Bible was a text book that was allowed in school. The ten commandments were listed on every school door, Websters dictionary had the plan of salvation on its first page. Every student was taught, that Jesus was the only way to heaven. Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Oxford were originally Christian colleges.

Since we took God out of the class room, we have the following:
Criminal arrest of teens is up 150% according to the US Bureau of Census; teen suicides in ages 15-19 years up 450% according to the National Center of Health Services; illegal drug activity is up 6000% according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse; child abuse cases up 2300% according to the US Department of Health and Human Services; divorce up 350% according to the US Department of Commerce, and SAT scores fell 10% even though the SAT questions have been revamped to be easier to answer. Violent crime has risen 350%, national morality figures have plummeted, and teen pregnancy escalated dramatically after prayer and the Bible were removed from the schools.

Today 68% of Americans claim it is ok to have sex outside of marriage
61% of Americans claim it is ok to have a baby out of marriage
63% of Americans claim there is nothing morally wrong with being gay or lesbian
59% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal” (On-line statistics)

3. God's cure for our nation

The only cure for our nation, is to return to the faith of our Founding Fathers. We need to individually and as a nation, base our morals on the Bible. We need to once again become a Christian Nation. The following are the four steps we need to take.

Humble Ourselves: We need to humble ourselves and admit that we are sinners. We need to ask God for forgiveness “for all have sinned and fell short of the kingdom of God” Rom 3:23

We Need To Seek God And Pray. Our desire should be to know God better than we do at this moment. We need to pray, and ask God to reveal himself to us. May we pray for a closer relationship with him, may we pray for our friends and family. May we pray for our nation. May we pray that everyone we come into contact with, would return to the God of our Founding Fathers.

We Need To Turn From Our Ways.

And now, Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, To keep the commandments of the Lord, and his statutes, which I command thee this day for thy good?” Deut. 10:12 and 13

This message is not only for Israel. It is a message for every nation, including America. We need to keep his commandments. We are to love him with all of our hearts. We need to make some changes. Some of the area's may be easy to change, others may be struggle areas. Addictions, like drugs, alcohol, and homosexual lifestyles are harder to overcome. In those areas, we need to put our Faith in God being able to deliver us. He can, and will if we allow him to change our hearts.

It all begins with us putting our faith in the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. It is to believe that He rose from the dead. Last of all it is to believe that he will deliver us from our bondage of a destructive lifestyle.

4. God Will Heal Our Land

If we would make that decision God promised that he would hear from heaven (answer our prayers). He also promised that he would forgive our sins. Then he promises to heal our land. God is the only one who can heal our Land of crime, teenage pregnancy, gangs, murder, theft, etc. Turn to God, before things get worst.

If you would like to make Jesus the Lord of your life, repeat this prayer.

Dear Jesus, I believe that you died on the Cross for my sin and rose again from the dead. Forgive me for all that I have done wrong. Come live inside of me. I choose to make you my Lord and Savior In Jesus name, Amen.

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