Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lord What About Him

"When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?”"
John 21:20

Peter had previous denied Christ three times. He must have felt really bad about it. When Jesus was arrested to be crucified, he wanted to be able to die with him. Instead, he denied him three times. Jesus meets Peter, while he is fishing, and reconfirms his love and forgiveness for him. Three times he asked Peter, if he loved him. Peter replies to Jesus, you know that I love you. Each time, Jesus tells Peter to go and feed his sheep. Here Jesus was letting Peter know I forgive you, and I am still calling you to preach the gospel. To reach out to the lost sheep, and share the gospel. Jesus then lets Peter know, that even though he had denied him three times, at the end of his life he would die for him. He was letting Peter know, it is not what you have done in the past, it is what you will do in the end. Even though you had denied me three times in the past, at the end of your life you will die for me. You will be willing to die for your faith. Peter replies Lord what about him. Jesus what will happen to John. We too have the same attitude, at times. We want to look at what others do, but never stop to look at our need.

Lord what about him never looks at how we come up empty. We often, look at others with low paying jobs, and think they just don't assert themselves. We feel, that if they were serious, they should have received an education. We feel like they just settle to be where they are. Never looking to make themselves better. However, we feel to realize that at times we toil all night long. We try to do the best we can, and yet we just come out empty. There will always be times that you will find it hard to make ends meet. Times were you try to do the right thing, but just seem to fall short of it. You may have the right intentions, but when it comes to doing it, you just can't. There are always times that we need to just trust Jesus to help us. We can't live life on our own, we all need God's help.

Lord what about him, never realizes it can happen to me. Peter was a fisher man, by trade. He was a professional. He was was disappointed that he came up empty. He was not use to that, after all he knew how to fish. He did not expect that to happen to him. How many times are we like that. We look at the homeless, the drug addicts and alcoholics and say that will never happen to me. I will never be poor, I will never be hungry, I will never be in want. Then all of a sudden things change. We never had a real relationship with God. Oh, we think we do. After all we go to church one day a week. However, it ends there. We don't think about him during the week. We don't spend time with him. We just go on with our daily routine. He is on our lips, but not in our hearts. So when hardship comes we are hit hard, and don't know what to do. If you don't think it will happen to you, you are so wrong. It can happen to any of us. NFL great football player Jackie Wallace played in the super bowl twice, and later on becomes homeless and struggled with drugs and alcohol. He had accomplished a lot more, than most of us would have. He played professional football, made it to the super bowl and then hit rock bottom. If it could happen to him, it can happen to us.

Lord what about him, never invites Jesus into you life. Jesus appears to the disciples in their daily lives. They were not at church or a synagogue. They were fishing, just taking care of their every day responsibilities and Jesus appears to them. I was sharing the gospel with a man, who was walking with a woman. I do not know if they were friends, brother and sister, married or dating. I basically was focusing on the man, because I felt that God had a message to him. When I asked if he wanted to ask Jesus for forgiveness and if he wanted to make a commitment to make Jesus the Lord of his life, he replied that the woman he was with already did. I then asked him, but what about you. We can be so quick to think, that the Bible is good for someone else. We so many times, know that God loves others but never apply the message to ourselves. We look at the faults of others, but don't even think we have any of our own. That was the same attitude that Peter had. Peter wanted to know about what will happen to John. What will he do. Jesus replies, what is that to you. He then goes on to tell Peter, you go and follow me. All that really matters, is not what others do, but that we follow Jesus. It is all about what we do.

Lord what about him, ends when you recognize Jesus as Lord. When Jesus first appeared to the disciples they did not know it was him. It was not until they realized that he cared about their disappointments, before they recognized him. It was then that Peter, realized that Jesus was Lord. Peter was not only seeing Jesus as his savior, he sees him as his Lord. He knows at this time, he needs to be in total surrender to him. He knows that Jesus needs to be a part of his life. What about you. Have you come to know that Jesus died for you, because you need a savior. Have you come to know that he lives and offers you life. Have you come to realize that you need him in your life. Most of all have you made him Lord. Have you committed your whole life to trusting him. Have you handed him the areas in your life, that need to be changed. Have you trust him to change your life, or are you only going to church and leaving the same way you came. If there is no change in your life, then he really is not Lord and you need to make a decision to make him the Lord of your life. The gospel is not just for someone else, it is for you.

If you pray this prayer from your, heart you will be forgiven and Jesus will be the Lord of your life.

Dear Jesus I believe that you died on the cross for my sin and then rose again. Forgive me for everything I have done wrong. Come into my life. I chose to make you my Lord and Savior. In Jesus name, Amen.

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